Ways to Save on Your California Homeowners Insurance


Virtually everyone is looking for ways to save money in all areas and there are few better places to save money than on your California homeowners insurance. Even if you have a policy currently in place, you can make changes when it is time to renew that will save you money. If you are searching for California homeowners insurance, then you should take a moment to read over these tips to save on your homeowners insurance before making a purchase.


Shatter Proof Windows Saves on Homeowners Insurance

Particularly if you live in a windy area, shatter proof windows could save you lots of money on your insurance policy. Not only will you probably get a discount on your premiums, but you will most likely not have to file as many claims on your homeowners insurance policy. That alone will help to keep your premiums down.


Improve Your Credit Score for Cheaper Coverage

Your credit score will affect how much you pay for homeowners insurance. If you currently have a low credit score, you can improve your score and then reevaluate your homeowners policy. Once your credit score is increased, you should get some  quotes to compare with what you are currently paying.

Just before it is time to renew your policy, you should talk to your insurance agent and inform her of your better credit score. Your insurance company should lower your rates and, if they don’t, you have the other online homeowners insurance quotes to fall back on.


Bundle Your  Insurance Policies

Many homeowners insurance companies also sell auto insurance and some may also offer health and/or life insurance. If you can add one or more of these policies from the same  insurance company, you will save money on all of your policies. Insurance companies offer these discounts to bring in your business. It is cheaper for them to keep you as a customer and add another type of insurance, than it is for them to find a brand new customer.


Save Paper and You May Save Money

If you sign up to pay your California homeowners insurance online, you may save some money on your premiums. Some  homeowners insurance companies are offering discounts to customers who will pay online. This saves the company time and money on employee payroll as well as the expense of sending out paper bills.

Also, if you sign up for an electronic debit of your bank account for a set day each month, you may be in line for even more of a discount. Both of these discounts are rather small, but every little bit helps and for most people it is more convenient to pay online anyway.


Multiple Quotes Saves You Money

Comparison shopping can really save you a bundle on your California homeowners insurance. Insurance companies rate your risk factors differently and therefore charge different rates. You should get at least 5  quotes before making a decision on which insurance provider to go with. It only takes a few minutes to get several quotes and you could save hundreds of dollars per year on your California homeowners insurance premiums just by shopping online for rate quotes.

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