High Risk Texas Homeowners Insurance

The local climate and likelihood of natural disasters will have a great effect on your Texas homeowners insurance. You will have to purchase additional policies or make additions to your policy if you live in an area that poses a greater risk for a particular type of natural disaster.

Living in Texas, you are susceptible to a wide variety of natural disasters that can make you a high risk consumer of homeowners insurance. Here are the risks you may be assuming, depending upon where you live in the state, and how they may affect your insurance.



Flooding is a very common problem for homeowners in Texas. Much of the landscape is flat and a torrential downpour from storms can quickly lead to flooding in many areas. Also, coastal regions of the state are very prone to hurricanes and tropical storms that can drop large amounts of rain in a short time as well as create storm surges from the Gulf of Mexico.

If you live in an area that is prone to flooding, then you will have to also purchase a flood policy in addition to your standard Texas homeowners insurance policy. You can get a flood policy from the National Flood Insurance Program. It is a federal program, but you can purchase these policies through your private homeowners insurance company in most cases.



Another risk for those living in Texas is the damage caused by hurricanes. In most parts of Texas, your homeowners insurance policy will cover damage to your home caused by hurricanes. However, if you live near the Gulf Coast, you may not be able to get protection from wind and hail through your private insurer.

If you live in the 14 counties on the Gulf of Mexico, then you will most likely have to look to the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). The TWIA is where you turn when no private insurer will cover your home from damage done by hurricanes.

IMPORTANT: Do not go without wind and hail protection due to hurricanes if you have trouble getting it through a private insurer. Texas is at a great risk for hurricanes each and every year, also your lender may call in the loan on your home if you do not have a hurricane policy in place.



Tornadoes can be a great hazard to those living in Texas, especially in the panhandle. In most areas of Texas, your homeowners insurance policy will cover your home for damages caused by wind and hail. However, you should make sure this is the case and also make sure that the wind and hail coverage doesn’t exclude that which comes from tornadoes. You shouldn’t have much trouble getting Texas homeowners insurance that covers tornadoes from a private insurer, but if you do, you can contact the TWIA for help.


Wild Fires

Wild fires are another hazard that many in certain parts of Texas have to deal with. Most homeowners insurance policies will cover you for the loss of your home and belongings because of fire. Again though, if you live in a high risk area, you should absolutely make sure that there are no exclusions for wild fires in your policy. You may have to pay more for your home insurance if you do live in a wild fire prone area, but you should make sure that it is a part of your insurance, even if you have to purchase an additional, separate policy.


Shopping Around to Save Money

Living in certain areas of Texas will put you and your home/belongings at a greater risk. Because of this you will need to be a more vigilant shopper for Texas homeowners insurance. You have plenty of opportunities to save money and can do this more easily than you think.

You can get  insurance quotes online in only a few minutes for free. These quotes obligate you to nothing and can help you out greatly as you shop for the best Texas home insurance. By comparing the rates of various companies, you can decide which Texas homeowners insurance company offers you the most coverage for the best price.

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