San Diego Homeowners Insurance


Whether you are seasoned in the ways of San Diego homeowners insurance or new to the topic, you should be aware of the importance of reviewing your homeowners insurance policy. This review is not just when you purchase a new policy or home, but should also be performed on a yearly basis.


Reviewing your policy on a yearly basis allows you to keep the policy up to date with changes. These changes can be any of the following.


  • Additions to home
  • Additions to personal inventory
  • Remodeling of home
  • Changes in flood status of property
  • Changes in fire rating of property
  • Liability additions (pool, trampoline)
  • Major fluctuations in home value


Any of the above changes warrant changes in your homeowners insurance policy to keep your policy current. Not letting your insurance company know of these changes could lead to a gap in coverage and significant out-of-pocket expense if a claim is filed.


While conducting your yearly review, you can benefit from again comparing San Diego homeowners insurance rates. As time goes by and changes occur, the company that can offer you the lowest rates may change. It only takes about 15 minutes to get these quotes, making it well worth the potential savings on your San Diego homeowners insurance that may exist.


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