How Smart Shoppers Choose the Right Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance Company


Choosing the right Oklahoma homeowners insurance company is more important than you think. Your home is your biggest investment and generally your biggest expense. Danger and destruction to your home and its contents can be devastating. The last thing you need is a company giving you the run around.

To help you choose the right homeowners insurance company, ask yourself the following questions. The answers will help you to quickly narrow down your choices and give you much better odds in making the right final decision.


How Do They Treat You?

In most instances, you can get a feel for how a homeowners insurance company is going to treat your right off the bat. Do they answer your questions freely and completely? Are they easy to get in contact with? Do they follow through on what they say? You can also ask family, friends and co-workers about particular companies. How do these people feel they were treated?


Oklahoma Homeowners Insurance Company: How Strong Are They?

You will need a financially stable company, especially considering the current state of the economy. The best place to begin is with financial stability ratings. Consult A.M. Best, Standard & Poor’s, Fitch, and Moody’s to see how each of the prospective companies rates. These ratings organizations are objective and well-respected.


How Do They Pay Their Claims?

If ever the time comes that you have to file a claim with your company, it should be handled well. This means little to no hassle. This means you are paid according to the specifics of the policy. And it means paid in a timely manner. Some homeowners insurance companies have a history of being hard to deal with when it comes to claims. They may not pay out in full, they may take too long and sometimes they may not pay out at all.

You can find various consumer reports that will give you the claims percentage of prospective insurance providers. Also, visit the Better Business Bureau and/or the Oklahoma Insurance Department for formal complaints and lawsuits filed.


Is There Added Value?

In addition to the homeowners insurance policy that you purchase, is there any added value offered by a particular provider. This can include any of the following:


  • Coverage options (Riders)
  • Other lines of insurance
  • Special informational programs


These are the added benefits that insurance companies may offer that can tip the scale in their favor. It helps to know what coverage options are available. Riders can be added to your policy for more complete coverage for items such as other structures, pools, playground equipment (liability), and valuables in the home. The more that is available from one company, the better for you in most cases.

If the company also offers insurance for vehicles, boats, and recreational vehicles, you can simplify things and use one insurance company for many needs. This also leads to discounts on each line of insurance that you purchase from the company.

It also helps to have acompany that stays in touch with you and keeps you informed of changes and other important information. If your homeowners insurance company has a monthly newsletter, that can be a great benefit. It can let you know of rate increases and their reasons well in advance. In many instances, these newsletters will provide you with information concerning discounts available on insurance and other tips for keeping your home safe and energy efficient.


What Are Their Rates?

Finally, what you have been waiting for, how much is the insurance going to cost? Rates are important for obvious reasons, but you want to narrow down your choices before checking rates. Now that you have a list of reputable Oklahoma homeowners insurance companies you are seriously considering, you can get rate quotes to see what they charge.

Getting online rate quotes sure beats making phone calls and waiting for return calls. In less than 30 minutes, you can have many Oklahoma homeowners insurance rate quotes in front of you. With a narrowed down list of quality providers, it will make the final decision much easier. Use the online rate quotes along with the other information that you have gathered and you will come out the winner with the best Oklahoma homeowners insurance policy.

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