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Homeowners insurance is necessary for anyone who owns a home. Not only is your home most likely your largest investment, your home also contains many of your most personal and expensive belongings. Without Michigan home insurance, you could be wiped out financially if something devastating happened to your home and every thing in it.

This makes Michigan homeowners insurance an important thing to shop for. It certainly is not like picking out a pair of socks, so you need to have some information at your fingertips to make the right decision and you MUST shop around for the best price. Here are a few tips to help you get the best possible Michigan homeowners insurance.


How to Deal With Difficulty in Getting Coverage

If you are having a hard time getting homeowners insurance for your new home, or an existing home where you may have been dropped by your previous insurer, you do have options. It is frustrating, but if you take the following steps, you have a good shot at getting affordable insurance.


  • Clean up property: Cleaning up your surrounding property by getting rid of any trash, buy a small shed to help store and organize trash bins, lawn equipment, etc.
  • Fix structural problems: This may be costly, but it must be done. Any structural problems that may be holding you back from getting insurance must be taken care of.
  • Fix wiring or electrical problems: The same as with structural problems, they must be taken care of immediately. They represent a real fire hazard among other threats to the home and those who live in the home.
  • Keep inside of home neat and clean: A clean home can show an insurance inspector or agent that you treat your home well.
  • Trim bushes/trees/shrubs: Keep the yard mowed and all of your bushes and trees trimmed. Appearances are more important than you think.
  • Wash outside of home: Power wash the outside of your home every few months. It doesn’t take long for the elements to get a foothold on the outside of your home.


You will be amazed at how cleaning up the outside of your home and your property will change the way someone, including insurance agents, view your home. If you have structural or electrical problems, they will have to be repaired, but keeping your property clean will go a long way toward getting Michigan homeowners insurance.


Common Discounts on Home Insurance

Most of the discounts that you can receive on your insurance relate to improvements or safety features that make your home safer and more resilient, though some have to do with you personally.

Here is a list of some common discounts that could save you a considerable amount of money on your Michigan homeowners insurance.

  • Burglar alarms/home security system
  • Deadbolt locks
  • Excellent upkeep of home
  • Good claims history
  • Fire and smoke alarms
  • Fire extinguisher in home
  • Impact resistant roofing
  • Noncombustible roofing
  • Senior citizen
  • Sprinkler systems


Review Your Insurance Policy Once A Year

Once you purchase your policy, you are not quite done with the matter. It is important for you to review your policy once a year to so that your Michigan homeowners insurance policy will be up to date with the changes that have occurred. If any of the following apply, then you need to amend your policy.


  • Added content to home
  • Appreciation of property
  • Changes in location of fire department/fire hydrants
  • Increased security measures
  • Home improvements


It is also a good idea to check your current premiums against those of other providers. If you do this once a year while you are in the process of updating your current policy, you can make sure that year in and year out, you are getting the best price possible.


Get Your Homeowners Insurance Quotes Today to Save Money Tomorrow

With only a few minutes of your time today, you can save money on your Michigan home insurance tomorrow and well into the future. It takes only a few minutes to get your free Michigan homeowners insurance quotes and it will take you only a few seconds to realize how much money you can save.

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