What to do After You Purchase Your Kansas Homeowners Insurance

You have probably gotten a lot of advice already on how to purchase the right insurance. You have shopped around, researched companies and researched policies and now you have the best possible policy for you. You may think it is over, but there are still a few things to do after you have purchased your Kansas homeowners insurance policy to further protect your biggest investment.


Taking Stock

The first thing you will need to do is to take the time to write out a full inventory of your belongings. It is important to do this first, so it does not get put off until after an accident happens and you have to make out a list of destroyed belongings from memory for your claim.

This list should include furniture, appliances, cash, jewelry, artwork, picture frames, collections of any sort and anything that may have significant value. Include on the list a description of the item and its value.


Protect Important Documents

You will need to protect your important documents from damage that could occur due to flood, fire or theft. Most people use either a locked, fireproof, waterproof box to hold these documents, or you may opt to keep them in a safety deposit box to get them out of the home. You should include your inventory list in this box, along with anything else that you want well-protected.


Preventing Loss

Homeowners insurance is a good thing to have, but you don’t really want to use it. Having to use your homeowners insurance means the hassle of filing a claim, paying a deductible and having to replace items that you probably didn’t want to have to replace and possibly having your premiums increase. For these reasons, you should focus on preventing loss.

Here are some things to help reduce the chances of having to file a claim sometime in the future.


  • Check and replace old, hazardous wiring
  • Don’t let trash pile up in the home (fire hazard)
  • Have a trusted neighbor watch your home when you are away
  • Keep combustible materials away from heat sources
  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • Keep lighters and matches away from children
  • Make sure smoke detectors and heat detectors are in working order
  • Replace door locks as soon as you move in
  • Start a neighborhood watch if one doesn’t already exist


Filing a Claim

If damage or theft does occur to your home or belongings, then you will need to know how to file the claim. Filing a claim should not be a difficult physical ordeal if you have taken the time to do an inventory list.

To begin with, you will need to get your inventory list as well as a notebook to take some notes. You should call your  time, date and the exact person that you talked to when making the claim.



If you feel as if you have a reasonable complaint, whether it is a lack of service or problems with a satisfactory settlement of a claim, you do have options. The first thing you should is to contact your  insurance company. When speaking to your agent or representative make sure you have all of your information at hand. Let them know the problem in its entirety. Also, you should record the conversation in your notebook, the time, date and person with which you spoke, just as when you filed the claim.

If you cannot get satisfaction from your Kansas homeowners insurance company, then you should contact the Kansas Insurance Department. They can help you with filing the complaint as well as seeking satisfaction.


Reviewing Your Policy

At least once a year, you should review your Kansas homeowners insurance policy. If you have changes to your home, such as remodeling or additions, you should have them noted on the policy. Also, if you have increased significantly the value of your personal belongings stored in the home, then you should consider increasing the coverage of the content of your home.

One thing that you can do on a yearly basis is gather Kansas homeowners insurance quotes online. These quotes can be gotten free of charge, free of hassle and within only a few minutes. You can then use these quotes to compare against the premiums you are paying. You may find that a different Kansas homeowners insurance company can save you money.

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