Iowa Homeowners Insurance: Understanding the Claims Process


If there is one thing that most homeowners fear the most, it is dealing with their homeowners insurance company over a claim. You have no doubt heard horror stories about trying to get a claim paid off and you may fear the process yourself. The truth is that most claims put in against an Iowa homeowner insurance policy are paid quickly and without hassle. However, there are sometimes issues.

You can cut down on the likelihood of having a difficult time with your claim by acquiring a better understanding of the claims process and what you can do to make it go more smoothly.


Read Over Your Policy First

First things first: if you want to understand the claims process, you have to understand your homeowners insurance policy. Read over the policy to make sure you understand what is covered by the policy and what is not. If there are specific things you want coverage for, add them to the policy as soon as possible.

If you understand what is covered under the policy and how the claims process is supposed to work according to your specific policy, then you will have fewer questions when filing a claim and will now what to expect.


Make a List and Check it Twice

As a preventive measure in case you do have to put in a claim against your Iowa homeowners insurance policy, you should list all of your personal belongings that are in the house that have value. You don’t have to put down your toothbrush or the weekly groceries, but furniture, collectibles and anything that has a value. And make sure to put down the cost of these items as well.

If a claim does have to be made, then their will be fewer hassles about what was lost and how much you should be reimbursed. Remember, anytime you bring in an item that has significant value, break out your inventory list and add it; also don’t forget to take away things if they leave your home.


Steps to Putting in a Claim

When it comes time to putting in a claim against your  insurance, there are some important steps for you to do to protect yourself and get the claim settled in a more timely manner.

The first thing you should do before putting in the claim is to read over your policy one more time to make sure you understand where you stand on this specific claim. Then you can proceed with the following steps.


  1. Grab a notebook to record the reporting phone call and do this for all correspondence whether through letters, phone calls or emails
  2. Contact your Iowa homeowners insurance company
  3. State the claim as honestly and accurately as possible
  4. Locate and organize all material related to your claim for examination
  5. Get an independent estimate of the costs to repair
  6. Have your own copy of all documents that go to the homeowners insurance company
  7. Do not accept anything less than what you think is fair without a fight
  8. Be ready to contact a lawyer if you feel you are not getting what you deserve


Following these steps can greatly enhance the likelihood of you being satisfied with the settlement of your Iowa homeowners insurance claim.


Claims FAQ


What role does claims history have on the rates ?

The claims history of both the property being insured and you as a previous owner of other properties will be used, among many other variables, to determine the rates. Each company will weigh these variables differently, but if you have a past history of claims on other properties and the property itself has a busy history of claims, then you will be paying more for your homeowners insurance.


Where can I find claims history reports about a property?

The Insurance Services Office and ChoicePoint are the two most notable companies that have databases concerning claims filed against a specific property.


Am I liable for accidents for those who work on my property?

In most cases, if someone is working on your property, such as a maid or landscaper, then you and your Iowa homeowners insurance will be held liable for an accident. There may be some exceptions such as extreme negligence on the part of the other person, but you should know that you are responsible for those on your property. This also relates to those who may be injured if you are having a get together at your home.


Get Free Rate Quotes

If you are not happy with your current Iowa homeowners insurance company and the way they have handled your claims, you should look around for a better option. There are many different homeowners insurance companies in Iowa and it takes only a few minutes to get some rate quotes from the most reputable.

You can go online and gather 3 to 5 Iowa homeowners insurance rate quotes free of charge and compare prices as well as claims histories of these companies. It is a great way to avoid the hassle and get the best homeowners insurance in Iowa.

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