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If there is one thing you know about Miami, it is that you have to be prepared for hurricanes and other major coastal storms. This has a great affect on home owners insurance Miami, including the type of policies you must purchase and the cost of those policies.


Along with a standard home owners insurance policy, you must also protect your home from flooding and hurricane force winds. Because of the immense risk for insurance companies, you must purchase separate policies in order to protect your home from these perils.


First, you will have to purchase a separate wind and hail policy to protect your home and other property structures from high winds. These winds can completely destroy a home and leave you with a rebuilding project instead of simple repairs.


Second, you will most likely also need to purchase a flood insurance policy. A standard policy will not protect you from the peril of flooding. You will need to purchase a policy from the National Flood Insurance Program, which is operated by FEMA. You can purchase the policy through your Miami home owners insurance company.


When searching for the right home owners insurance Miami, take the time to shop around using rate quotes online. They can quickly help you to determine your homeowners insurance needs and allow you to compare companies and policies side by side for the best deal.

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