Arizona Homeowners Insurance FAQ


If you are searching for Arizona homeowners insurance, then probably have a laundry list of questions. Below are several questions that may help you as they are fairly common questions many homeowners may have when looking for Arizona homeowners insurance protection.


How Does My Insurance Handle Fourth of July Fireworks Problems?

Most Arizona homeowners insurance policies will cover you for fireworks damage, but you should certainly ask you insurance agent to make sure. Generally, fire damage due to fireworks will be covered by the fire aspect of your policy, your liability coverage will protect you if the fireworks goes into a neighbors house or yard, and the medical coverage of your policy will cover injuries to yourself or others.


Who Covers Damage Done By My Tree Falling On My Neighbors Home?

In most cases, your neighbors Arizona homeowners insurance will pay to repair his or her home. However, your neighbor could sue you to pay for whatever deductible he or she has to pay. In addition, if it is determined that you were negligent in the incident, you and your Arizona homeowners insurance company could be taken to court to pay for the damages. If you had been told by your neighbor before that the tree was dead or dying and it could fall on his or her house at any time, then you could certainly be found negligent and then your Arizona homeowners insurance company will have to pay.


Does My Policy Cover My Engagement and Wedding Rings?

This depends upon your policy limits. Most Arizona homeowners insurance policies will have coverage for a modest amount of jewelry that is stored in your home. Most likely it is for about $750 to $1,000. Anything of more value than that will not be covered. If you have recently purchased your engagement and wedding rings you may want to consider adding an endorsement to your existing Arizona homeowners insurance policy to cover your new jewelry.


Can I Get a Discount on Coverage From a Recently Installed Fire Hydrant By My Home?

In most cases, yes, but you will need to inform your Arizona homeowners insurance company. Also, the discount will probably not go into effect until it is time to renew your homeowners insurance policy. Your Arizona homeowners insurance company will want to know how far away the new hydrant is to your home; if it is too far away they may not give you the discount.


How Much  Insurance Do I Need if I Install a Pool?

If you install a pool in your home or on your property there are two areas of your Arizona homeowners insurance that you will need make changes too. Most Arizona homeowners insurance companies will consider a pool under the “other structures” portion of your policy. You will need to increase this coverage by the amount it cost to build your pool.

Also, you will need to increase your liability coverage as well. If anyone in your family or a visitor is hurt through the use of the pool, this protection will kick in. You can either do this by increasing the liability on your existing Arizona homeowners insurance plan, or you can purchase an umbrella liability policy. At least $100,000 worth of coverage should be added to your Arizona homeowners insurance policy due to the addition of a pool.





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