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Homeowners Insurance is an insurance policy which protects a home from two things: certain types of damage and from liability should someone be injured on your property. Depending on the kinds of weather conditions likely to occur near your home, you might also get policies which cover specific natural disasters like flooding, earthquakes or hurricaines.

It is common for lenders to require homeowners to purchase insurance on their homes, as the homes are used as collateral against the loan (mortgage) which the lenders have an interest in. Beyond this practical reason, however, it’s important for homeowners to recognize what they stand to lose through damage to their home, which for many people is their greatest asset. Without homeowner’s insurance, a homeowner would not have a way to financially shield him or herself from liability suits if a visitor to your property is injured, nor would they be able to easily afford repairs that took place in response to specific damages to the house.

Even more critically, without homeowners insurance, an individual is still liable for mortgage payments on a house – even if the house is completely destroyed in a disaster like a fire, flood or hurricane.

How Much Should Home Insurance Cost?

Many companies offer homeowners insurance quotes for free, but the price of your personal policy can vary due to factors like where your home is located, what kind of possessions you have, and the value of your home. A good way to get an idea of what homeowners insurance can cost in your area is to go online and search first for insurance companies in your area (including national brands which can save you money by packaging your homeowners insurance along with other kinds of policies) and even to ask your friends and neighbors who they’ve used for their insurance policies.

Whatever your initial quote, remember that there are ways to reduce your payments for homeowners insurance by looking at the items in your house and the safety features your property has to offer. Ask each company what you can do to reduce your premium, and you stand a good chance of finding ways to shave a few dollars off each month’s payments.

Where Can I Get Quotes for My Homeowners Insurance?

You can get quotes for your homeowners insurance almost anywhere. Many companies offer a basic web tool to help evaluate your payment costs, and a number of websites and companies exist to help you compare rates across a multiple companies at once. Because the price of homeowners insurance can vary so much from one home to the next, and from one city to the next, the opinions of those you speak to may give you conflicting information, and so it is important to check with actual homeowners insurance companies and relate your specific needs to their employees before you choose a policy.

Remember to always read your policy closely before closing the deal, as there may be specific circumstances related within your policy that change what you can and cannot claim for.

To start your search for the best homeowners insurance rates near you, simply enter your zip code at the top of this website – this will help you get your free homeowners insurance comparison quotes – making your search for the best policy for you simple, easy, cost-effective, and quick!


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