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Getting a variety of homeowners insurance quotes is vital to getting a good policy to protect your home and its contents. In the past getting quotes meant spending hours and hours on the phone calling company after company. Now, there are free online quote tools at your disposal, like the one above, to provide you with insurance quotes 24 hours a day from a variety of insurers.


Things To Remember When Shopping For Quotes

When you are shopping for quotes there are several things to keep in mind.




  • Request enough coverage to be sure you will be covered adequately if you were to suffer a loss.
  • Be truthful; even though you are answering questions online, it is important to answer them as honestly as if you were dealing with an actual person. Your policy risks cancellation if you lie or omit information.
  • You may need to add riders to your policy to cover things like camera equipment, jewelry, computers and artwork.
  • If your net worth is high or you have assets to protect, it may be a good idea to raise your liability coverage above the standard amount quoted by most companies.
  • When you select a company, ask them directly if you have received the maximum discounts possible. There may be something you are eligible for that you do not presently have.



Reasons To Get Insurance Quotes Online

Because every insurer has different rates and different premiums, it is important to shop around for quotes and get multiple quotes so you can compare what is out there. Online quote tools make it convenient to do so.


  • Getting quotes online will save you time, because you don’t need to answer the same set of questions over and over or make phone calls to numerous companies.
  • You will probably get more quotes using an online tool than if you were to get them by phone.
  • The online quote tool will likely give you quotes from companies that you hadn’t even thought to contact, adding more diversity to your choice.
  • You can get quotes whenever you want, you are not limited to 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.
  • It’s easy to compare because every company will be quoting you on the same information and same limits.



Get Quotes Now

To begin getting homeowners insurance quotes, you just have to click on the box at the top of this page and enter your zip code. The free quote tool will guide you through a series of questions and you will be rewarded with multiple quotes from companies that serve the area you live in. Get started now by returning to the online quote tool above!




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