Where Can I Find Mobile Home Insurance

Your home is one of, if not the, most important investment in your life and it makes sense to want to protect it. It is also more than just an investment as it is where you spend much of your time and where many of your most prized possessions are stored and memories are created. Mobile home insurance is a smart way to protect your investment and your belongings.


What Mobile Home Insurance Coverage Options Exist

You can get the same basic insurance options on your mobile home as you can with any other sort of home. Mobile home insurance is tailored specifically for mobile or manufactured homes, but the basic idea is still to protect your home and property therein.

You can get mobile home insurance to cover the home itself and any other structures on the lot. Also, coverage can be purchased to cover personal items within the home, in case of damage or theft, as well as liability coverage to protect you in case someone gets injured in your home.

In addition, there are many other optional coverages that are offered by most mobile home insurance providers.


  • Debris removal
  • Earthquake coverage
  • Emergency removal service
  • Flood coverage
  • Food spoilage protection
  • Landscape coverage

There are many other coverage options that can be available to you depending upon the options of the specific mobile home insurance provider. These, of course, add to your mobile home insurance cost, though you may find them useful.


Who Sells Mobile Home Insurance

Most of the major home insurance companies locally and nationwide also offer mobile home insurance. You can get mobile home insurance through any of the following homeowners’ insurance providers.

  • AARP Financial
  • Geico
  • Metlife
  • Nationwide

This is by no means an exhaustive list and there are also many local and regional homeowners’ insurance companies that offer mobile home insurance


How Can I Lower My Mobile Home Insurance Premiums

Your mobile home premiums will be based upon several factors such as the value of your home and where you live, but there are other factors that you can control to help lower your perceived risk and thus reduce your mobile home insurance premiums.


  • Bundle insurance policies
  • Install deadbolt locks
  • Install burglar alarms
  • Install fire extinguisher and fire alarms
  • Install sprinkler system
  • Shop around for the best rates

Installing fire protection systems and anti-theft devices will go a long way toward lowering your home insurance premiums. Also, as a smart consumer, you can save money by comparing mobile home insurance rate quotes and by also insuring your mobile home with the same company that you insure your vehicles with.


Where Can I get Mobile Home Insurance Quotes

The old fashioned way to compare mobile home insurance quotes would be to call up each individual mobile home owners insurance provider and get a quote. This is time consuming and tedious. In the age of the internet, gathering a bunch of mobile home insurance rate quotes can be done quickly and without leaving your home. There are many companies that allow you to gather multiple mobile home insurance quotes online. All you have to do is visit one website, put in your information one time, and in a matter of second receive multiple quotes from competing companies.



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