How Can I Save Money On My Home Insurance

Trying to arrange a budget which allows room to fit in all your expenses and still have a little left over is very challenging. One question you may be asking is how can I save money on my home insurance? You need to protect your most important personal investment, but you don’t need to pay through the roof to do so. There are a few tips that you can put into play almost immediately for instant savings and to save for the future.


Secure Your Property to Save Money

There are a few things you can do to secure your property which will not only increase your security and help you sleep a little better at night, but also reduce your home insurance premiums. A monitored security system is the best alternative, though it can be a little pricey. Making sure your home has deadbolt locks and installing motion detecting lights are a good start. There are also less expensive security systems that you can install to improve the security of your home and reduce rates.


A Safe Home Means Cheaper Insurance

The safety of your home is also crucial to saving money on homeowners insurance. A few items that can make a difference immediately are to be sure you have enough smoke alarms and purchase an in-home fire extinguisher. Sprinkler systems can also save you a great deal on your premiums, but may not be feasible for you. Also, make sure you clean out filters for HVAC and heating, as they are a fire threat. Of course, if you are a smoker, quitting will save you money, as your smoking is a threat to the home and its occupants and you are paying extra on your home insurance for that reason.


Savings by Bundling All InsurancePolicies

Most home owners also have a vehicle. You can get a substantial discount on both your home insurance policy and your auto policies if you get them from the same company. Discounts usually range from 10 to 20 percent on each policy, which can really reduce those premiums. In addition, if you need other insurance policies, such as boat insurance, insurance for recreational vehicles or an umbrella policy, you can save even more.



Save With a Policy Review

An important part of protecting your home with insurance is to perform a regularly scheduled policy review. A review allows you to make sure you are getting the right coverage and are getting credit for the areas in which you can save. It also ensures that your policy stays up-to-date so you are not underinsured either. When conducting your review, be sure that all information is correct, even simple things such as name, age, address and occupation. Also, make sure the value for the home is correct and the amounts of coverage for all other policy items are accurate.


Quotes Can Quickly Save You Money

Once you have implemented the above changes, go get those homeowners insurance quotes. The quotes allow you to compare rates to find the best deal on the coverage you need. They are free, take only 15 minutes or so, and they can save you money on the spot. Hopefully, these tips have answered your question of how can I save money on my home insurance and you are now ready to get your homeowners insurance quotes.



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