Homeowners Insurance for Mobile Homes

As you search for homeowners insurance for your mobile home, you should go into the process with an understanding of what will be covered under your mobile home insurance policy. There are different types of policies offered by the various companies. A standard mobile home insurance policy will be the cheapest, and there are optional protections that can be added to your policy to increase your homeowners insurance coverage but will also with higher premiums.


Mobile Home Insurance Standard Coverage

While each  insurance company will differ as far as what they consider standard mobile home insurance, here are some general insurable accidents that most companies will consider standard coverage.


  • Burglary
  • Collisions off right-of-way
  • Falling Objects
  • Fire
  • Hail
  • Landslide
  • Personal property
  • Protection from lawsuits
  • Roof collapse from snow or ice
  • Vandalism
  • Wind
  • Water damage from plumbing


These are generally on a standard policy, but don’t simply expect them to be there. Always read over the covered items and insurable events on any policy before you decide. If you live in an area that is known for tornadoes or hurricanes you may have to purchase a more complex and expensive wind/hail policy along with a flood policy.


Mobile Home Insurance Optional Coverage

If you are looking for more mobile home insurance protection than what is offered by a standard policy, there are many more options available. Each  company will have different offerings and will have some of these optional coverages on their standard policies.

Here are some of the most common protections that are offered as options by many insurance companies.


  • Additional living expenses
  • Coverage while moving home (during trip)
  • Credit card and check forgery
  • Damage to trees, lawns and landscaping
  • Debris removal
  • Earthquake
  • Emergency removal service
  • Emergency repairs
  • Food spoilage


Each individual has different homeowners insurance needs and with the right company, you can tailor your mobile home  policy to meet your needs. There are many other different coverage options available depending upon the  insurance provider. Ask a local agent about specific coverage options you feel you need and how they can be worked into your insurance for your mobile home.


Tips for Getting the Best Homeowners Insurance for Mobile Homes

Not all  insurance companies are the same and not all  policies are the same. It is important, in order to get the most complete protection you are seeking, to find the policy that is right for you. It may take some research and perseverance, but it will be well worth the effort.


  • Don’t settle: If you do not feel comfortable with a particular homeowners insurance policy or company, look around for something better.
  • Make improvements on your home: As time goes by, areas of your home begin to deteriorate and breakdown. This can lead to more claims toward your homeowners insurance policy and eventually higher rates.
  • Perform yearly evaluation of your homeowners insurance policy: Things change which means your mobile home insurance needs may change as well. Whenever your policy comes up for renewal, make any adjustments necessary.
  • Shop around: There is no better way to get the price you want on the homeowners insurance policy you need. Get as many homeowners insurance quotes as possible to make shopping more effective.


Get Homeowners Insurance Quotes for Your Mobile Home

The best way to start your search for homeowners insurance for your mobile home is to start gathering quotes. The most coverage at the best price is at your fingertips by simply using our homeowners insurance finder tool to get quotes from many different  insurance companies. It takes only minutes to get the rate quotes and you can compare various companies side by side to make the best decision for you.

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