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Progressive homeowners insurance company has made itself well-known in the last decades because of its intensive marketing efforts. It is now one of the largest insurance providers in the U.S. and is generally a part of most consumers search for homeowners insurance. To find the best homeowners insurance for you, you must shop around and compare the history, policies, financials, customer service and rates of prospective homeowners insurance companies. To help with this process, here is a quick overview of Progressive homeowners insurance company.


Progressive Homeowners Insurance Company History

Progressive homeowners insurance company was founded in 1937 by Joe Lewis and Jack Green. It is headquartered in Mayfield Village, Ohio and officially is named the Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. Progressive, like most homeowners insurance companies, started out as simply a local auto insurance provider. Progressive became a public company in 1971 and has grown steadily over the years. Progressive was the first insurance company to turn to the internet. They launched the first website in the industry and soon began using it to interact with customers and allowing them to shop for various types of insurance. Today, Progressive homeowners insurance company is one of the largest providers of personal insurance in the industry. 


Progressive Homeowners Insurance Company Policies

While it is more well-known for its auto insurance, Progressive also offers an extensive line of homeowners insurance policies. You can purchase homeowners insurance, condominium insurance, mobile home insurance and renters insurance. You can find protection against fire, theft, vandalism, high winds, heating and cooling system breakdown, sewer back-ups and a myriad of other perils that can do significant damage to your home.

When searching for the right policy, make sure you have considered liability protection, coverage for personal possessions and coverage for any additional structures on your property, such as a garage. Progressive offers coverage options for all these items and more.


Progressive Homeowners Insurance Company Additional Features

In addition to standard homeowners insurance policies and options, Progressive offers a bit more for their customers. Progressive offers their own online comparison rate quotes. As a pioneer in the use of the internet in the insurance industry, you can also purchase insurance, file claims, ask questions, and find an agent online. Progressive offers 24-hour claims service, and what they call their concierge level claim service. This involves an immediate response vehicle to allow claims professionals to visit you and assess the situation, whether it be at your home or at the site of an automobile accident.

Also, with Progressive you can bundle your insurance policies for more savings. Purchase homeowners, auto, motorcycle, boat, health, life and pet insurance together from Progressive to streamline customer service and save money.


Progressive Homeowners Insurance Company Financial Stability

As you shop for homeowners insurance, do not disregard the financial strength of prospective companies. You do pay premiums month after month even when there are no claims to be made, so you want a company you can count on to be around when it comes time to settle your claim. Progressive homeowners insurance company has a strong history of financial strength. The most recent financial strength ratings are as follows.


  • A.M. Best: A+
  • Fitch: AA
  • Moody’s: Aa2
  • Standard and Poor’s: AA


Compare Progressive Homeowners Insurance Company Rates With Other Providers

After considering the above factors, you can now compare Progressive homeowners insurance company rates with those of other providers in your area. This can be done rather quickly online. Simply fill out an online application and you will instantly have at your fingertips rates of the top insurance companies in your region. You can then compare the rates to find the best mix of coverage, service and price to make your final decision. Shopping for homeowners insurance doesn’t have to be hard and it can save you plenty of money and hassle in the long run.

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