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There are few homeowners insurance companies with the name recognition to match Nationwide homeowners insurance company. While this does make them a company to consider if you are looking for homeowners insurance, it does not mean they are the hands down favorite. Choosing a homeowners insurance company is a personal decision. There are many variables that go into making the final decision. Take a few moments to read this overview of Nationwide homeowners insurance company to see if they make the cut for you.


Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Company History

Nationwide homeowners insurance company traces its history back to 1926 in Columbus, Ohio. Nationwide began as the Ohio Farm Bureau Federation and focused mainly on auto insurance. By 1928, they had spread to five other states. By 1955, the company had established a presence in over 20 states and decided a name change was in order and decided on Nationwide. Nationwide is now one of the largest insurance and financial services companies in the United States, though they still retain relationships with many local Farm Bureaus.


Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Company Policies

If you decide to insure your home with Nationwide homeowners insurance company, you will have many options for your coverage. You can go with bare bones coverage, which includes the standard perils and a coverage amount equal to the market value of your home. You can add to the coverage with replacement-cost coverage, additional liability and added insurance for personal possessions. Nationwide also offers auto insurance, renters insurance, farm insurance and life insurance among many other options. The more insurance products you require, the more you may be able to build upon your savings with Nationwide.


Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Company Other Products and Features

In addition to insurance policies, Nationwide also offers financial services. These services can be independent of a homeowners insurance policy. Banking services, investing and credit cards can all be managed by Nationwide. Nationwide homeowners insurance company also offers online access to accounts, online claims service and a toll-free hotline. You can save money on your homeowners insurance policy with Nationwide by installing deadbolt locks in entry ways, installing a sprinkler system, bundling policies, having fire extinguishers in key areas and purchasing and fire and security monitoring system. These discounts can add up to significant savings on your policy.


Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Company Financial Stability

Nationwide’s growth and size have made it one of the most financially stable companies in the homeowners insurance industry. Nationwide currently has over 135 billion dollars in assets and ranks near the top in financial stability. The most recent ratings from the top financial ratings organizations are as follows.


  • A.M. Best: A+
  • Moody’s: A1
  • Standard & Poor’s: A+


Nationwide is a collection of companies and organizations. This family of insurance and financial services companies has a certain amount of autonomy, but are, in the end, backed by the financial foundation of Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company.


Compare Nationwide Homeowners Insurance Company Rates With Other Providers

To find out which homeowners insurance company can provide you with the coverage you need at a price you can afford, you can seek out rate quotes. There is no easier place to find them than online. In only 15 minutes you can have at your fingertips multiple quotes from the top companies in your region. Nationwide homeowners insurance company may be the company for you or they may not be. Evaluate them on the criteria mentioned above and then compare their rates with other top companies. It will not take that much time out of your day, but you will put yourself in a better position to find the best homeowners insurance for you.

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