List of the Top 10 Homeowners Insurance Companies

For the layman, it can be extraordinarily difficult to discover who can offer the best deals in homeowner’s insurance. In fact, there are a dizzying array of different companies who can offer this service to you. However, grabbing the first company you see a television ad from is rarely the way to find the best deals. It is important to comparison shop for homeowner’s insurance. Now, due to the complex economy, frequency of weather disasters, and other uncertain aspects of a changing and globalizing world, it is more important that you pick the most well-designed and stable companies.

Luckily the internet has made it far easier to comparison shop for homeowner’s insurance. Your valuable property is important to you, and you deserve the security in knowing that a sudden disaster or emergency will not put your family in a sudden financial crisis from which you can not pull yourself.

Lots of information is out there about which homeowner’s insurance providers can give you the best coverage at the best price, along with the most stable business model, to protect your insurance investment.

The Texas Department of Insurance has found the following ten companies to be the top 10 homeowner’s insurance companies:

1. State Farm

2. Allstate

3. Travelers Insurance Company

4. Farmers Insurance Company

5. United Services Automobile Association

6. Farmers Insurance Exchange

7. USAA Texas Lloyd’s Company

8. Texas Farm Bureau Underwriters

9. Chubb Lloyds Insurance Company of Texas

10. Fire Insurance Exchange

The primary metric they used to determine their top 10 is total value of written premiums. While this is a good indicator of how much coverage they have provided, it may not be the particular specific that draws you to choose your company.

Some consumers of insurance are more interested in finding out what the specific fine print of their coverage actually protects. There are a lot of different types of policies that may include or exclude types of coverage that are specifically important based on the type of things you own. For example, does your homeowner’s insurance protect you against flood damage. Does your insurance plan cover work equipment in your garage? These can be important concerns that you need to take into consideration when determining which homeowner’s insurance company you will find the best.

Allowing global and instant communication between consumers and businesses had revolutionized comparison shopping. You get the low prices that happen when market forces compete against each other. With the internet, companies can reach the consumer without spending as much on advertising. This is important in that reduced costs to business are always passed on to the consumer. The limitless competition of the internet has made shopping for homeowner’s insurance a buyer’s market.

It is also vital that you choose an insurance company that has protected itself from a failure in its business model. For an insurance company to go bankrupt or to have a nefarious reputation after you have invested months and months worth of premiums would be a disaster in and of itself. You obviously want to choose the most stable and sturdy company to handle your homeowner’s insurance. This will secure your family for the long haul against any kind of unexpected emergency.

Allow the market forces of the internet to work for you. In order to find the best homeowners insurance rates in your state, please enter your zip code at the top of the website to receive your free homeowners comparison quotes. This will be your first step to having the homeowner’s insurance plan that best suits your family’s needs.

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