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Hartford homeowners insurance company is one of the foremost names in both the financial services and insurance industries. Better known simply as The Hartford, it supplies a variety of financial products to its consumers. As someone who shopping homeowners insurance companies, Hartford homeowners insurance company should certainly be a company that you at least consider as your provider. Here is an overview of the The Hartford to give you an idea of their history, policy offerings, and financial outlook to help you decide which company is best suited to provide you with homeowners insurance.


Hartford Homeowners Insurance Company History

Hartford homeowners insurance company has one of the longest histories of any company in any industry in the U.S. It was founded in 1810 in Hartford, Connecticut as the Hartford Fire Insurance Company. From these early beginnings, The Hartford has evolved into serving the public with an array of insurance and financial products, all the while being a part of the growth and history of America. It has been involved in some of the most devastating disasters in American history, including the 1871 Chicago fire and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The name has changed slightly over the years, and is currently known as The Hartford Financial Services Group.


Hartford Homeowners Insurance Company Policies

A homeowners insurance policy from The Hartford will cover your home, personal belongings, additional structures on the property and provide liability protection. You will find the same standard coverage you can receive from most insurance policies to cover the most common perils.

The Hartford also offers its customers other lines of insurance such as auto, life, identity theft, renters, classic car and umbrella policies. These can be purchased in conjunction with a homeowners insurance policy for additional savings. If you are seeking other financial services, The Hartford also offers a variety of investment opportunities. Annuities and mutual funds are only a few of the investment products offered by The Hartford. An advanced and aggressive college savings plan can also be provided by The Hartford. Hartford homeowners insurance services individuals as well as businesses.


Hartford Homeowners Insurance Company Additional Services

Additionally, The Hartford offers many other riders and value-adding options to increase your coverage. Hartford homeowners insurance company offers a100 percent protection plan, which gives you replacement cost coverage up to 150 percent of the limits of your policy. Other added-value options for homeowners insurance policies include:


  • 24/7 claims hotline
  • Deductible forgiveness
  • Replacement cost of possessions
  • Scheduled personal property coverage
  • Tailored policies for credit card loss, lock replacement and perishable food


If you feel as if you need particular items covered or you need a specific type of coverage, speak with a representative of the Hartford homeowners insurance company. They offer many additional ways in which to tailor policies to your ever-changing needs.


Hartford Homeowners Insurance Company Financial Stability

The financial stability of Hartford homeowners insurance company is important to you as a shopper of homeowners insurance. The company you choose to insure your greatest investment must be on solid financial footing so you know they will be there when you need them. The Hartford is a Fortune 100 company with revenues in 2009 of nearly 25 billion. They have “A” ratings across the board from the top financial stability ratings organizations.


Compare Hartford Homeowners Insurance Company Rates With Other Providers

To finish your comparison of Hartford homeowners insurance company, you can compare the rates of The Hartford with those of other top insurance providers in your area. To make this comparison easier, you can get your rate quotes online. These quotes take only minutes and allow you to compare multiple companies side by side. Compare like homeowners insurance policies to see which company is ready to offer you the best deal to protect your home from common and even uncommon perils.

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