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GEICO homeowners insurance company is an insurance provider that is well-known to most because of its intense marketing efforts in recent years. The GEICO Gecko is well-known to audiences as well as GEICO’s auto insurance coverage. What you may not know is that GEICO also offers other lines of insurance including homeowners insurance.

If you are in the military or a federal employee, you should certainly consider GEICO to insure your home. GEICO does target government employees, but non-government personnel may also find savings on homeowners insurance. Take a moment to read through this overview to see if GEICO is on of the homeowners insurance companies you should consider.


GEICO Homeowners Insurance Company History

GEICO was founded in 1936 by Leo and Lillian Goodwin as an auto insurance company that targeted federal employees. One of the few companies to successfully start up during the Great Depression, GEICO made it through those tough years and the Goodwin’s eventually passed the company on to a variety of investors, including Warren Buffett. GEICO was one of the first investments ever made by Buffett, and by 1996 he had purchased all remaining stocks. GEICO evolved over the years to expand their auto insurance offerings as well as to add homeowners insurance to their product line.


GEICO Homeowners Insurance Company Policies

A GEICO homeowners insurance company policy will provide protection for your home, condo, rented apartment or co-op for the standard perils. The policy will cover your primary dwelling as well as personal belongings, personal liability and other structures on the property. You can tailor the policies to meet your needs, including raising or lowering your deductible, going with replacement-cost coverage and adding riders to protect expensive belongings and collections. Virtually any insurance coverage you need for your home, you can find a policy or option to satisfy that need.


GEICO Homeowners Insurance Company Additional Policies

You may also shop GEICO for other types of insurance policies. You can bundle your homeowners insurance with auto insurance, life insurance and identity theft protection. If you live in a flood prone area, GEICO will help you purchase flood insurance through the National Flood Insurance Program. You can also purchase additional insurance policies if you live in areas prone to wild fires, earthquakes, sink holes and mudslides. You can talk with a GEICO representative or real estate agent to determine your specific threats and how to properly insure your home against these specific risks.


GEICO Homeowners Insurance Company Financial Stability

Financial stability is important. You want your homeowners insurance company to have the resources available to pay your claim, especially if your claim is one of many during a major natural disaster. GEICO routinely receives the highest financial stability ratings. Their recent ratings of A++ from A.M. Best and AA+ from Standard and Poor’s should help you rest easy. GEICO has over 9 million policy holders and 28 billion dollars in assets to back their policies.


Compare GEICO Homeowners Insurance Company Rates With Other Providers

You can compare the rates of GEICO to other providers in your area by gathering as many rate quotes as you can. While GEICO does cater to government employees, they offer discounts and low rates to those outside the government. The only way to find out if you qualify for these low rates is to get those quotes. Gather at least five rate quotes to compare with GEICO homeowners insurance company to find the best deal. It takes only a few minutes to shop around for homeowners insurance in this manner, but the savings can be significant. Get those quotes and save money today!

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