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As you shop for homeowners insurance, you will come across many options. One of these options is Allstate homeowners insurance company. With so many options available, you are best served by comparing the top homeowners insurance companies to see which the best fit is for you. When comparing, you will want to evaluate certain items, such as the company’s history, the policies they offer, any added-value options available, financial stability and cost. By taking all of these items into consideration, you are more likely to find the best policy at the best price.


Allstate Homeowners Insurance Company History

Allstate homeowners insurance company is a multi-state insurance company that has been in the insurance industry since 1931. It was founded as a part of Sears and is based in Northbrook, IL. It was solely owned by Sears until 1993 when Allstate was offered up to the public in the largest public offering in history at the time. In 1995, it became completely independent. Allstate has been a pioneer in the insurance industry since its inception. They have fought for mandatory seat belt legislation and pushed auto makers to make safer vehicles. In the homeowners insurance industry, Allstate introduced their catastrophe team that goes into action in any area in the nation where a natural disaster occurs to help the citizens get life back to normal.


Allstate Homeowners Insurance Company Policies

Allstate homeowners insurance company offers a wide array of insurance policies to protect your home. In addition to standard policies that cover the basic perils, you can also find protection in the event of earthquakes, tornadoes, landslides and wild fires. There is an abundance of floaters that can be added to policies to insure valuables stored in the home, structures on the property and provide extra liability coverage. Allstate relies heavily on their local insurance agents to help you understand your policies and how they protect you.  


Allstate Homeowners Insurance Company Added Value Options

In addition to the homeowners insurance, Allstate offers a wide variety of products and services. You can bundle your homeowners insurance policy with your life insurance, auto insurance, health insurance as well as retirement and other personal financial products. By bundling policies, you increase your savings with each policy. You can save anywhere from three to ten percent on each policy. It is also convenient to work with one company for all your insurance needs. Gathering rate quotes and comparing prices will tell you if you can save more by going with one company for multiple policies or try to find the most affordable for each type of policy.


Allstate Homeowners Insurance Company Financial Stability

Allstate homeowners insurance company is one of the most financially stable insurance companies in the U.S. One a year-to-year basis, Allstate ranks at the top of the industry in financial stability. This is important, as you want comfort in the knowledge that the insurance company you are paying premiums to can survive and handle paying out large claims. If your home is damaged or lost because of a major disaster, you need a homeowners insurance company that is stable enough to be there to make the necessary payouts. Allstate’s recent financial stability ratings are as follows.


  • A.M. Best: A+ (Superior)
  • Moody’s: Aa3 (Excellent)
  • S&P: AA- (Very Strong)


Compare Allstate Homeowners Insurance Rates With Other Providers

To help make your final decision, you will want to compare the rates of Allstate homeowners insurance company with their competitors. There are many quality insurance providers in your area and you should evaluate them on the criteria mentioned above as well as how they will affect your budget. You can shop for homeowners insurance using online rate quotes to see which company offers the best price for you. It is a great way to save money, while also getting the protection you need for your home.

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