AAA Homeowners Insurance Company

AAA homeowners insurance company is a long standing organization with a strong history of serving its members in a variety of ways. No matter what region of the U.S. you live, you most likely have access AAA insurance products. While this organization may not be right for everyone, they certainly deserve consideration as you shop for your homeowners insurance policy.


AAA Homeowners Insurance Company History

The American Automobile Association (AAA) has a long history of offering special services to its members. The organization was founded in 1902 with less than 1,000 members. Today, it has over 52 million members in the U.S. and Canada. To purchase AAA homeowners insurance, you must pay a small, yearly membership fee. With this fee, you are eligible for a variety of services and benefits, including access to homeowners, auto and life insurance products.


AAA Homeowners Insurance Company Policies

AAA offers a wide array of homeowners insurance policies for those seeking to protect their home. Coverage for standard perils such as fire, theft, and unpreventable water damage are included. You can also include coverage for items stored in the home, liability, other structures on the property and replacement value for the home. In addition, AAA offers the following homeowners insurance discounts.


  • AAA members
  • New home buyers
  • Multiple policy holders
  • Policy renewal
  • Security system


AAA Homeowners Insurance Company Financial Stability

AAA is one of the most financial stable homeowners insurance companies nationwide. AAA has affiliates in the different regions of the nation, so each one has separate financial stability ratings. Virtually all regions earn high financial stability ratings from the major, objective ratings organizations. This is important when shopping for homeowners insurance because you want a provider that will be there when you need them to come through. If a major disaster occurs in your area, you need to feel comfortable that your homeowners insurance company has the solid financial footing to handle paying out the necessary claims.


AAA Homeowners Insurance Company Added Benefits

Membership does have its privileges to AAA members. In addition to access to various insurance products, members also receive benefits such as the following.


  • 24-hour claims hotline
  • Business memberships
  • Coordinated billing with your mortgage company
  • Flexible billing
  • Living expenses for unlivable home
  • Roadside assistance


In addition to the above added benefits, as an AAA member, you also become eligible across the U.S. and Canada for the following discounts.


  • Airline tickets
  • Auto repairs
  • Cruises
  • Hotel stays
  • Museums
  • Travel packages


For many, these discounts and other added benefits more than pay for the yearly membership fee and make AAA homeowners insurance well worth consideration.  


Compare AAA Homeowners Insurance Company Rates With Other Providers

You can compare the rates offered by AAA homeowners insurance company to those of other insurance companies in your area. Online rate quotes allow you to quickly and convenient compare the premiums from top insurance companies to help make your final decision. There can be a great deal of difference in rates from one company to the next, so getting these quotes can save you large amounts of cash year to year. 

Some homeowners insurance companies can offer lower rates in general, while others are better suited to a particular region, home type or risk factors. The only way to truly find the best homeowners insurance rates is to shop around. Take about 15 minutes to look for the best homeowners insurance, and you will have something else to smile about.

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