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The insurance business has changed dramatically over the last forty years. That’s no surprise everything else has changed, but insurance coverage has changed in a different respect. As the economy grows the dollars available to invest grow and the insurance to cover those investments must grow along with them, but it must still be affordable and provide quality service. That’s not an easy task especially when weather patterns are unpredictable and when home invasions and house fires keep growing at an alarming rate. The 21 Century Homeowners Insurance Company was organized to provide homeowner with policies that fit their individual needs and expectations.


21st Century is Actually an Umbrella

The 21st Century Homeowners Insurance Company is actually underwritten by a group of homeowners insurance companies that have come together to offer an assortment of homeowner insurance products under the Homesite Insurance umbrella. The 21st Century Homeowners Insurance Program through Homesite subsidiaries provides homeowner property and casualty insurance, as well as renters and condominium coverage. Homesite companies are located in California, New York, Pennsylvania, the Midwest, Texas, Florida and Illinois. The Homesite Insurance Company and Homesite Indemnity Company are also members of the group.


Customized Coverage Delivered by New Insurance Technology

The important aspect to remember when purchasing homeowners insurance is the content of the policy as well as the exclusions have to be understood and analyzed before an agreement can be reached. Every home is different and the personal property in each home varies in dollar value as well as sentimental value. 21st Century Homeowners Insurance Program develops insurance products using new insurance technology, innovative marketing strategies and a clear understanding of catastrophe management, so each individual policy actually provides the coverage needed in almost every situation. Homeowners insurance policies try to cover every conceivable event that could create a claim and usually do, but some events are difficult to predict and may not be covered.

The 21st Century Homeowners Insurance Program explains in detail what a homeowner’s insurance policy should cover. The cost of insurance coverage is always an issue, so the company designs the policy around needs and affordability. All mortgage lenders require that the homeowner have insurance that covers the value of the home. The value of the property is usually not insured in basic policies, but personal property and liability coverage are taken into consideration by assessing values before the policy is written.

The good news is that 21st Century Homeowners Insurance coverage is designed to protect every homeowner by not only providing comprehensive policies that include the basic coverage, but by offering policies that protect homeowners from natural disasters, which are difficult to predict.


Customer Service and Education Departments Help Customers Make Decisions and Avoid Risks

21st Century Homeowners Insurance coverage is designed to protect every homeowner by not only providing comprehensive policies, but also by education and insurance awareness. The company has established an excellent customer service department and a team of licensed specialists who can determine the right coverage and the right options at competitive prices. 21st Century specialists offer a free analysis of the home so an accurate replacement cost figure is established and from that base a comprehensive policy is developed.

In order to keep insurance premiums low, 21st century recommends that prevention and preparation be top priorities. Prevention measures included a home burglary and a sprinkler system, as well as using everyday precautions like light timers, dead bolts and other common sense ideas. Severe weather and fire safety tips are also part of 21st Century Homeowner Insurance Program. Education helps reduce premiums as well as unnecessary claims. Most claims can be avoided by taking the right precautions.


Customers Can Feel Secure in 21st Century

The liquidity of any homeowner insurance company is a major concern to policy holders. The 21st Century Homeowners Insurance Program has been selling policies since 1999 and its underwriters have an excellent liability to net worth ratio. The company also has an A rating from Demotech, which confirms the financial stability of insurance companies. Demotech is an independent firm that that rates the financial stability of insurance providers and the results of their ratings are accepted by most Mortgage lenders.

All homeowners insurance companies are not created equally. 21st Century Homeowners Insurance prides itself on service, value and dependability. In order to find the best policy rates enter your zip code at the top of the webpage and you’ll receive free comparison quotes.

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